Hello Everyone,
As most of you know I am on a mission to get the most out of life by living with a positive mental attitude. No matter how much I try, I am failing to put a positive spin on this weeks events.
At the start of the week my beloved partner badly hurt her back. After a trip to the hospital it was suggested that she got plenty of rest and, being the gentleman that I am, I took a few days off work to look after her and our very demanding children. So I emailed my boss and let him know.
A few days later I returned to work only to discover that I had no wages for the previous week. Why? I wasn’t at work to hand in my time sheet. So now my family are suffering due to lack of money.
Throughout my life I have always strived to do the right thing, only to have it backfire on me. I spent years fighting through the courts to see my son only to end up with no son a d a six grand legal bill. I work for minimum wage and cannot afford to lose any amount of money.
I am hoping that this will be resolved soon and of course I will keep you posted on any developments. Hopefully this just happens to me. I do not want you to stop doing the right thing because of my experiences.