I have only just realised that, even though i am now 31, that this is the first time i have lived alone. Until recently i had always shared a home with parents, housemates or a variety of girlfriends. As someone who loves the company of others, i find it remarkable that i enjoy the solitude of my own place so much. It means that i am able to work a lot more on my writing without the interference of family or worklife. As a result, my attempt at writing a novel in 30 days for NiNoWriMo is actually on track!

I’m not saying what i’ve written so far is good by anyone’s standard. But it is being written and for me that is a huge step on my road to recovery. Every year I promise myself I will attempt this project and every year i give up after one or two days. Living on my own has given me the freedom to dispose of the lifestyle I had become used to and create a new lifestyle where I can work, write, have a social life and spend quality time with my children.

As you know, I tend to try to put a positive spin on all the rubbish life throws at me. This time it feels different. This is more than looking at the brighter side, this is being locked in a darkened room and smashing a hole in the wall to allow the light through!

If opportunity fails to knock, build a door.