I’m finally on holiday this week after a long summer of watching my family, friends and work colleagues jet off to various exotic places around the world. I won’t be going on any plane to take me to my own slice of paradise. I’m in the gorgeous Glens of Antrim for a full ten days. 

I have spent the majority of the first few days with my two youngest children. It is just fantastic to have some alone time with them. With working two jobs and various autism groups I don’t get that much time with them throughout the year so I cherish this time with them. 

Yesterday we had the worst storm in recent memory with flashes of lightning that turned night to into day, crashes of thunder that felt like the mountains collapsing and torrential rain that threatened to wash our beloved caravan into the sea.  I’m sure it was pure coincidence that this storm coincided with the arrival of my partner and her family. This morning the storm had abated and now I write this while lounging outside in glorious sunshine. 

I will be spending a few days with this family, showing them the sights of this beautiful area. They are leaving on Friday with my children giving me a few days on my own. Although I’ll miss my children this gives me a rare opportunity to knuckle down on my writing with no distractions to annoy me. 

The children are returning to school next week which signals Summer’s end. Being in full time work means that those summers of my youth are long gone but there is still a sadness to say goodbye to this season.