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I have returned from exile. I have been at a low point in my life and I have at times have considered packing it in. But I have responsibilities. I have a son doing his exams, two young kids whom I adore and a son that needs to know the truth about why I haven’t been in his life.
Rock bottom is a horrible place to be. The only good thing about rock bottom is that you can’t fall any lower. The only way is up! And on my rise to the top I will discard anything and anyone who tries to pull me back into the abyss.
Being on my own is quite liberating. The evenings are now my own and I spend some quality time with my kids at the weekend. I am taking part in this years NINoWriMo, trying to write a novel in one month. I tried it last year but with family life I just didn’t have the time. This year I am determined to finish.
The Phoenix has risen again!

I’m listening to a debate on local radio in Belfast about gay rights. Recently, an influential journalist reported that Northern Ireland is a cold place for gay people. Listening to the debate I have to agree.
I have four children. What if one or more of them is gay? Will I love them any less? Of course not! But listening to some callers I despair for our wee country. How are we to move on when we live in a society that, and I quote “hates” what a section of our community does in private?
What business is it of others what others do? It’s not illegal and it harms no one. Of course the old argument came out about how the bible says its wrong. God did not write the bible, man did! If we did everything that books told us to do we would be playing quidditch at weekends and trying to destroy rings in volcanoes! Not to mention what Fifty Shades Of Grey teaches us.
I’m bringing my children to Belfast’s Gay Pride parade. I want them to grow up being proud of who they are. I’m proud of them and always will be, no matter how they turn out.