Have you ever googled yourself? Ever been suprised by what you have found? Well, out of curiosity, I googled myself. Or more precisely, I googled the name i use online, JAGWAL. I got this name from a mixture of my surname and the initials of my three sons and therefore I thought I had created a unique identity. After googling the name recently I discovered that it is in fact a Garhwali word from north-east India.

“Big Deal!” I hear you cry. I am sure if you go far back in history you can find any word of today in an ancient language. What suprised me was that I chose this name at random. I had no idea that it existed in a remote part of India. And what it does this ancient word mean? It means The Long Wait.

What I find remarkable is that I am known for my patience. I am known for not reacting to a situation in a volotile manner but in a calm and reasoned manner. In essence I am prepared to wait a long time for a resolution to my problems rather than jump in and make matters worse.

Jagwal. The Long Wait.

It is truly a small world with co-incidences aplenty. There must be some grand design, some higher power pulling us all in certain directions.