Hello Everyone! Once again I am starting a blog post with an apology. I am sorry that I have not had weekly posts as planned. I have been on a two week holiday and I had intended to update this blog from there. However, I had not counted on holidaying in the only remaining 3G/wifi black spot left on the planet. There are Bedouin tribes in the desert whom have more contact with the outside world than I have had over the past fortnight!
Being disconnected from the web is disconcerting at first. After the panic attacks and uncontrollable shaking had subsided I was able to enjoy a fresh outlook on life. I took my holiday on the Antrim coast. To those who have never seen it, the coastline is one of the most beautiful and scenic vistas on the face of the planet. For two weeks I enjoyed long walks on the beach every morning followed by coffee in glorious sunshine. It was heaven!
My passion for fishing has been re-ignited and I am now able to pass that particular skill on to my sons. That was such fun! Going swimming in the sea with the kids was another highlight. Bonding with my autistic four year old over a small dinghy was undoubtably the happiest I have been in a very long time.
But all good things, as they say, must come to an end. The deepening connection between my kids and me, however, is going from strength to strength. I’m back at work and soon they will be back to school. I am determined to keep the momentum of our relationship going!
In other news I still haven’t taken my driving test even though I am more than ready. Time to get the finger out I think! I have applied for a new job as well. I’m feeling very positive about the future.